Promoting teaching as an ethical profession

A belated thank you to the University of Helsinki team for organising such a successful online conference in May and also for preparing the TEPE 2020 Policy Statement on promoting teaching as an ethical profession. An opening extract follows and the full text can be accessed from the link below:

Society, schools and education are places of diversity in terms of people’s backgrounds, dispositions, values and moral compass. Teacher education at all levels (pre-service, in-service) will need to educate a diverse student body for increasingly diverse schools. Teaching practice is as one of the domains in which diversities meet; student teachers, practice supervisors and the schools as communities have diverse backgrounds, needs, and even norms. Whilst it may be challenging to navigate ethical considerations, it is necessary to begin with the recognition of the teaching profession is an ethical profession. Learning to understand and appreciate diversity is an ethical dimension involving aspects of respect, beneficence and justice. It is vital that ethical competence is recognized as a crucial area of teacher’s professional competence. Teachers’ ethical codes help to manifest high standards of ethics in daily practice. At best, ethical codes or guidelines support and empower teachers in their work.

Link to the TEPE 2020 Policy Statement

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