The Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) network is an academic network that that brings together teacher educators, educational researchers, policy makers, teachers and practitioners from Europe and beyond to discuss and identify key elements that contribute to strengthening teacher education and the quality and professionalism of teachers in schools. The TEPE Network is dedicated to advancing research in and on Teacher Education that can influence policy making. The network builds on previous European collaborative projects in the field of teacher education policy – principally the Thematic Network on Teacher Education in Europe (TNTEE) funded by the European Commission (1996-99) and the (EUDORA) European Doctorate in Teaching and Teacher Education project funded by the European Commission (2000-05).

Members of the TEPE Board:

Dr. Eve Eisenschmidt, Haapsalu College, Tallinn University, Estonia

Professor Judith Harford, University College Dublin, Ireland

Professor Brian Hudson, Karlstad University, Sweden/University of Sussex, UK (Past Chair, 2010-14)

Dr. Erika Löfström, University of Helsinki, Finland

Professor Teresa O’Doherty, Marino Institute of Education, Ireland

Professor Joanna Madalińska-Michalak, University of Warsaw, Poland (Chair, 2016-20)

Professor Teresa Moran, University of Dundee, Scotland

Professor Jens Rasmussen, Danish Pedagogical University, Denmark

Dr. Marco Snoek, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands (Co-Ordinator, 2018-20)

Professor Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr Björn Åstrand, Umeå University, Sweden (Past Chair, 2007-10)

Former Members:

Professor Hannele Niemi, University of Helsinki, Finland (Past Chair, 2014-16 ) (2007-20)

Dr. Francesca Caena, University of Venice, Italy (2007-19)

You can also find the TEPE Network on Twitter.

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