Strategy 2020-25


The twin aims of the TEPE network are to:

  • Develop and highlight research that can influence policy and improve practice
  • Influence policy making by strengthening relations with policy makers

Strategic actions

The TEPE network Board is the steering group that supports the network in meeting its key goals which are to:

  • Stimulate exchange and dialogue between teacher educators and policy makers in open activities such as (online) seminars on key topics that are relevant for developing teacher education policies;
  • Organize an annual conference open to all (with set criteria that are normal for such conferences);
  • Publish the most relevant contributions from conferences in research journals and monographs;
  • Periodically determine its positions on the key issues in the field of teacher education policy, publish them widely and aim to discuss them with decision makers;
  • Cooperate with other organizations at national and international level in events that will be assessed as relevant for the Network.

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